Service Understanding and Capacity

As Tankes Traffic Systems, unconditional customer satisfaction is our basic principle. In the world, it is a great importance for our company to increase the competition in almost all markets, to reach the customers more effectively in the environment where the products have less time to enter the bazaars and margins fall, to understand the demands of the customers and to shape the products and services in this direction.


Tankes aims to provide service to the developing countries by knowing the debt of the country, to provide services to its customers without compromising the principles of business life that it improves, maintains and develops by providing all kinds of resource needs. The primary criterion for our company is not "price" but "quality." Our company, working with the world's leading suppliers, provides customers with reliable and quality materials in the most suitable conditions.


Starting from the right product selection to after-sales technical services, Tankes considers customer presence to be "honest business" at the customer's premises by establishing customer communication on "openness" principle.



Tankes Traffic Systems is the leading traffic company in Turkey in terms of capacity and quality in the field of traffic and road safety products. In addition to engineers, technicians and technicians trained in its field, Tankes, which has completed assembly and installation projects for numerous years in infrastructure and installation works, the quality of the staff hit the mark on the sector.


Tankes has successfully carried out routine project and production phases and also contributes to the theoretical development in the field of traffic engineering and the progress of traffic science in Turkey with the academic work of specialist engineers.


In 2007, Tankes Traffic Systems, which has reached to 8,000,000 TL, has reached to the number of employees more than 50 today. It manufactures traffic and road safety products which are used everywhere in Turkey at its production facilities with a total area of ??3.000 m2. These products are in the portfolio of many private companies and Tankes is a reliable and honest supplier of these companies.