Tankes Traffic Systems was established in 2002 to give service in the fields of:

• Traffic Systems,

• Signalization,

• Road Safety Products,

• Solar Energy Systems,

• Systems with LEDs,

With Traffic Signs Products

. Software Based Operating and Project Planning Services. In this direction, Tankes serves with a growing capacity year by year. Today it is the leader company  on production, projection and application in its field in Turkey.


In our fast-paced world, people will be accepted by everyone, everyone who runs and chooses what they are displacing, regular, safe, fast. It is the basic production approach that people can reach in a timely manner, safely and without fatigue. Because of this, the product produced at Tankes facilities contains its ergonomic, long-lasting and functional features.


"Traffic" is a big problem in our country and especially in our country, our main goal is to provide an analyzer, to follow, develop and implement innovations in the world. Of course, human and environmental factor is the primary place in all our work in this direction.


Today, our products are our the most important reason of proud, in our lives, providing the most prestige on roads, in urban areas, in park areas and in areas where traffic is intense. So we look at each solution we offer as "not just a job" but to maximize the efficiency and performance as well as to minimize the risk of danger. At the point we reach, we can say that we have to offer engineering solutions in the traffic domain, far above the "only sell product" TANKES is committed to providing technological innovations, service and maintenance services.



high efficiency products with advanced technology, in traffic sector being a company with a high brand awareness, and now producing permanent and effective jobs by producing effective analyzers for traffic density and projects.


It is contributing to the production of products with energy saving and productivity at the forefront, to offer solutions for traffic problems and to solve these problems and to work towards making knowledge society by producing high-tech productive products.